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What is Booking Engine?

Booking Engine is an interface used on your hostel website, where customer retrieves real-time the pricing and availability and ten makes the booking directly into your PMS.

It acts as an online booking system through your home website without any need of booking channels. It is a simple, fast and hassle-free way to sell the rooms or beds directly to the visitors of your website and allows you to enhance the booking process.

HostelSystem offers a powerful and fully customized booking engine that helps in managing the hostel’s bookings on your own website. This way you can keep updated the rates and availability on your website in real-time and automatically. It simply improves the website bookings and reduces the commission of the third-party. This interface is easy to install, adapt and integrate into your website.

We deliver reasonably priced and customizable booking engine as compared to other hostel booking systems. Payment Gateway can also be used with Booking Engine to take advantages of automatic online payments. HostelSystem Booking Engine allows you to have full control over rooms or beds availability, their rates and also it provides you with full details of clients credit card in case you needed to charge the client for a no show or late cancellation. It is the best way to take full profit of any booking by integrating the complete booking process from your website to the internal reservation system.

The main purpose of incorporated HostelSystem is to enhance the function and performance of your website by integrating the highly effective, user-friendly and accurate booking engine. It ensures to reflect your brand identity and works effectively in enhancing the business image. It simply works in boosting the revenue by converting the potential visitors of a website into bookings. The complete property related information including the images and texts are displayed to attract the customers.

Features of HostelSystem Booking Engine

  • It is fully integrated with the system and allows you to deliver the rooms, beds, photos, prices, discounts, packages and booking information automatically to your website.
  • HostelSystem Booking Engine can be extensively customized as per your needs as well as your potential guests’ requirements.
  • All types of bookings are highly secured by credit card that eliminates any chance of loss on failure to arrive or late cancellations.
  • This interface accepts multiple currencies and multiple languages. It means guests from different corners of the world can understand your website in their respective language and make the booking. Thus, increase the revenue.

Benefits of HostelSystem Booking Engine

  • Booking Engine is easier to setup and offers great flexibility with guest’s deposits and other payments.
  • It saves time and money by automatically recalling the prices and availability and by eliminating any task to be performed manually.
  • It holds fully secured Payment method.
  • It offers 24-hour one-stop operation.

Get fully integrated, customized and lower cost booking engine today only. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime to find out more.