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What is Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a crucial management system that helps in boosting the level of hostel’s occupancy. It is an effective way to synchronize different types of booking channels. You just need to set up your channels and from now on HostelSystem will keep your availability and prices with multiple different room type sets up to day on all booking portals. HostelSystem provides you an effective way to monitor the hostel’s metrics in real-time. It helps you in recognizing the potential customers, what type of rooms & other services they are booking, how much the valuable customers can spend, what kind of facilities they are looking for and so on.

The days have gone when you had to waste endless hours in updating multiple channels with multiple logins. The fully automated and integrated Channel Manager offered by HostelSystem ensures to improve the rates across all distributed channels. Whether you have blocked the room or bed for maintenance or applying for providing new services to the guests or applying new price strategy, all such kind of information gets updated in all channels with real-time rates. A lot of time wastes in upgrading the rates and availability information, which can easily be made stress-free and convenient using effective and professional Hostel Channel Management System.

Channel Manager also works efficiently in collecting all online bookings in an automated way and transfers that data to your Hostel Management System. Just saves the time by managing the calendars on multiple booking websites.

Features of HostelSystem Channel Manager

  • HostelSystem enables you to perform bookings effectively by synchronization with valuable channels. They include, Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, Hostelsclub, MyAllocator, Expedia, Venere and
  • It offers complete integration with the reservation calendar. All required details regarding the reservation in all channels is updated automatically. Thus, it reduces your workload of manually updating the information in respective channels.
  • Our system downloads the bookings from one platform and will update the other channels accordingly in an automated way.
  • Any kind of modification of availability or price in the system will get automatically uploaded in all active channels.
  • Automated reservation delivery allows you to make the required changes in the system regarding the booking, thus changes the inventory and from where it gets uploaded to other active channels within few seconds.

Benefits of Channel Manager

  • It helps in reducing overbooking and staff costs by managing the booking in all channels seamlessly. Each task is performed automatically.
  • It works remarkably in building your business image by improving the ratings given by the guests. It is done by eliminating the overbooking headaches, unsatisfied service to online bookers and inaccuracy of booking details.
  • It provides a great way to advertise your offered services, thus gives you an ability to increase the occupancy rates.
  • It makes booking task easier and manages the channels with 2-way sync.
  • It improves the online reputation of your hostel.

Getting started is easy. Just take help of 30-days free trial to get familiar with the unlimited ways to boost your business revenue. If you are interested, contact us anytime.