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What is Property Management System?

HostelSystem is a powerful and effective Property Management System (PMS) that helps in managing day-to-day operations of a hostel by covering all aspects of hostel management. We are here to make your business more profitable and enjoyable by reducing the work load of managing all types of transactions and services of a hostel manually. We provide you a best way to reduce the days and stress of maintaining all information regarding the staff and guests, keeping track of hostel rooms & beds, collecting the cash, recording check-ins & check-outs, maintaining the bills and other required information.

Smart and well-designed property management system helps you to optimize your busy schedule and hostel handling functions with the excellent business and guest relations. The back end management platform helps you to run your hostel more efficiently than ever before.

HostelSystem is an easy-to-use, robust, flexible and highly advanced PMS solution that contains number of sophisticated features at the most competitive price. This software makes you able to complete your daily task within no time and lets you keep enjoying the way you are doing your work in a comfort and relaxed manner.

Our software ensures to increase bookings of a hostel as well as increase profit per booking. Our main aim is to provide best possible way to organize and manage the hostel to get speedy, customer-friendly outcome with maximized business returns.

Features of HostelSystem Property Management System

  • It is an intuitive interface to manage all kinds of hostel bookings.
  • It provides multiple users a facility to access the HostelSystem simultaneously on different systems at the same time. The data is kept up-to-date constantly and with 100% accuracy.
  • It can handle simple to complex finance and accounting tasks of a small or large hostel with numerous facilities. It acts as an advanced tool that effectively and accurately keeps track of the cash flow of an income, expenses, loss and profits.
  • You can analyze and control every kind of activity in your property with the help of powerful audits, statistics and reports generated through this software.
  • It covers all features of employee management such as time tracking and shift changes.
  • It supports multiple currencies and languages.
  • It keeps track of housekeeping service as well by maintaining the reports and task lists like when and which room or bed requires cleaning or maintenance.
  • This user-friendly interface completely manages the details and required information of the guests and their reservation.

Benefits of HostelSystem Property Management System

  • It helps in increasing your revenue by handling all functions in a professional and automated way.
  • It works effectively in managing your hostel services and booking channels in less time than performing it manually.
  • It helps you improve offered customer services and guest relations by dramatically decreasing the amount of time you must spent on daily repetitive operations.
  • It lets you focus on serving your guests not on typing availability or to several booking portals.
  • It will help you in reducing the workload.

To get familiar with the usage and benefits of HostelSystem, you are advised to use 30-day free trial to make the right choice for effectively managing the hostels. Let us help you in making more profits from your business.