FrontDesk Master

About Hostel System is a company which reaches back to 2005 when Kevin Marzec, the owner of Stranger Hostel in Krakow, decided to develop one of the very first PMS for hostels. Kevin worked on the system for couple of years, and he managed to develop an amazingly good product – HostelPower. Unfortunately, some life unexpected events made him stop working on the software, and as a result, HostelPower was offered only to a little group of hostels, basically via private recommendation.

HostelPower was almost forgotten. The situation changed in 2011 when Kevin teamed up with Mateusz Sznir, also hostel owner, and they decided to revitalize, re-brand and introduce to the wide audience, the newer version of the system, called HostelSystem. After couple of years of collecting feedback, experiences and features requests, the team decided to introduce a brand new, living up to XXI century expecations – FrontDesk Master.

HostelSystem World

Headquarters – United Kingdom:
HostelSystem Ltd, 45 Greystoke Avenue, CB1 8DT Cambridge

Support Team Europe – Poland:
HostelSystem sp. z o.o., 45 Dolnej Wsi, 44 – 100 Gliwice

Support Team America – Canada:
FrontDesk Master, 12 Melrose Avenue, H4A 2R7 Montreal