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HostelSystem Feature List

Property Management System

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Features HostelSystem FrontDeskMaster

Property Management System

Intuitive and feature packed interfaces to help you manage and control your rooms, bookings through their life cycle

Works on Any Device

  • HostelSystem runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. On other platforms we use virtual machines if needed.
  • FrontDesk Master is a cloud-based solution.
HostelSystem works natively only on Windows. Using on other platforms requires e.g. Virtual Box, Pallarels.
FrontDeskManager is completely cloud-based system. It can be launched and viewed from a supported browser.


Choose between old-school desktop system and new kind on the … cloud!

FrontDesk Master doesn't require installation as it simply works in the Internet browser any time, anywhere.

Multi – Property View

It allows you to manage all properties from one login, and analyze the data combined from all your properties. It also enables moving bookings between properties..

Yield & Revenue Manager

  • Set up price strategies in advance and make them apply when the right time comes automatically to increase your Average Daily Rate and occupancy.
  • Change your room types dynamically so that you could best fit the current demand of the market

’1 Room = Many Room Types’ configuration

You can boost your sales, by offering your rooms in different configurations, but now you can also make the system adjust the configuration to current market demand to make sure your rooms are never vacant!

Finances & Accounting

Advanced tools to track cash flow of your income, expenses and profits!

Tax support

System fully supports sale, local, environmental or touristic taxes. Tax can be included or excluded from the prices, bills according to the legal requirements you have to meet.

FrontDesk Master was designed to support taxes incurring in different parts of the world. But, we are not experts in all taxation systems. Therefore, missing tax rules will be added upon customer request and explanation.

Audit, Statistics & Reports

Powerful reporting modules allow you to thoroughly analyze and control everything what happens in your property.

Employee Management

  • Time tracking
  • Shift switches
  • Reception administration
  • Different access levels

Point of Sale

Whether you run the pub or just sales at the reception, both systems will help you manage your sales, asses incomes, costs and profits.

Passport Scanner Integration

Fully integrated with passport scanner. Just swipe the passport and the check-in is done!

Multi Multiple …

Both systems can be support:

  • multiple properties
  • multiple users simultaneously
  • multiple currencies
  • multiple languages
  • multiple currencies
  • multiple rates

Invoicing & Document management

Keep all your issued invoices, scans, payment confirmations in one safe place.

Third party Integrations

The system is ready to be integrated with third party providers. Integrations will be added upon customer’s requests.

  • Quickbooks
  • Key door cards
  • Heating Systems

Multi “Multiple”

  • Multiple Property
  • Multiple Users simultaneously
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Languages

Newsletters & Mailing Campaigns

Personalized, automated email of any type – confirmations, newsletters and promotional campaigns – can be sent automatically according to pre-defined rules.

Live Chat between properties from one city

Thanks to live chat rooms, your staff can contact not only team mates, but also other friendly properties in your area.

Bills & Vendors Management

Keep track of all the company expenses and bills to pay. Compare income and expense values.

Pop up and Email Notifications

Stay informed and up to date without too much effort. The system will let you know when actions you are interested in occur!

Real-time updates between users

All critical information are instantly updated for all users!

Available offline

If you lost Internet connection you will be able to either fully edit, either just keep viewing your reservations
depending on the system you use.

HostelSystem works entirely offline if necessary. You can launch it without Internet and keep managing your bookings. The changes will be synchronized to the server when your Internet connections is live. Note that there is no synchronization with portals in the offline mode.
Thanks to advanced technology, once you already log in to the system, FrontDesk Master will not stop working when your Internet goes down, but note that the functionality will be limited to critical data about today's bookings in read-only mode.

Channel Manager

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Features HostelSystem FrontDeskMaster

Supported Channels

2-way XML connections support rate, availability, restrictions and bookings synchronization with

  • Hostelworld
  • Hostelbookers
  • Hostelsclub
  • MyAllocator
  • Expedia
  • Venere
  • & more

No Manual Availability Updating

As our systems are “3 in 1”, there is no traditional calendar where availability or prices must be changed. If you manage, edit, change any of your bookings, channels are updated automatically. No calendar or grid needs to be updated by you!

Real time instant updates

Any change made in the system is instantly uploaded to all active channels. No matter if you block the bed for maintenance or you apply new price strategy, there is no delay.

Auto reservations download with notifications

Each time new booking is made, it is automatically downloaded to the system. The inventory is changed and uploaded to all other channels in seconds. You just get the notification.

Online Price & Availability Comparison

Stay calm and safe. FrontDesk Master lets you compare your current price and availability on different booking portals.

Offline Availability & Bookings Processing

Even if you are offline the system keeps managing your availability after each received reservation.

HostelSystem can work 24/7 for you, but you must keep the system up and running on your computer.
FrontDesk Master does all the processing in the cloud, thus regardless if you are online or not the system does the job for you.

Booking Engine

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Features HostelSystem FrontDeskMaster

Integrated with PMS

Fully integrated with the system. Rooms, pictures, prices, promotions, and bookings always automatically delivered.

Extensively customizable

You can make engine use your brand color and styles so that your guests felt that they are dealing with your property throughout the entire process.

Secured by credit card

Bookings are secured by credit card, so that you don’t experience loss on no-shows or late cancellations.

Modifications and cancellations

Client can access the booking via its online profile in order to modify it or cancel.

Multi property

You can use one engine to offer beds in multiple of your properties.

coming soon

Mobile bookings

Responsive design makes the engine always look beautiful and work on all types of desktop and mobile devices.

Facebook version

It can be integrated with your Facebook page.

Multi-language & Multi-currency

The engine works in multiple languages and with multiple currencies to serve best your guests from around the world.

TripAdvisor Integration

Let people book your property directly from TripAdvisor.

Live Chat for Guests

Live chat module appears in booking engine and lets guest ask questions during the booking process.